Advance voting

You can vote in advance from 13 November up to and including 24 November. During this period you can vote in municipalities all over the country.


You must bring your ID when you vote; however, you do not need to
have your polling card with you.

It is not possible to cancel or change your vote. If you vote in advance
you cannot vote again, including on election day.

The municipality is required to accept advanced votes cast at health and
care institutions. You can also apply to your municipality to vote from

Where are the polling stations and when do they open?

See to fnd adresses and opening hours for all advance voting stations.

If you want to vote from a different municipality than Moss you must contact the municipality to schedule a time.

How to vote in advance

Hånd som tar en stemmeseddel i valgavlukket

Select the ballot paper you want to use.

Velger som gir personstemme

If you want to give one or more candidates a personal vote, you can put a tick in the box next to the candidate’s name on the ballot paper. You can give as many personal votes as you want.

Velger som bretter stemmeseddel

Fold the ballot paper with the party name facing in, and the field where the stamp goes, facing out – that way, nobody can see what you are voting for. Do not use an envelope or other cover around the ballot paper.

Stemmeseddel som stemples

Go to an election official and get a stamp on your ballot paper. This is important – or your vote may be rejected.

Legg stemmeseddel i urne

Drop your ballot paper into the ballot box.


Are you voting in advance in a different municipality than Moss?

You have the right to vote in Moss municipality if you were registered
in the Central Population Register as a resident as of 30 June 2023.

If you vote in advance in a different municipality you will be given a
multiple-choice voting slip showing only the registered political parties’
names, without candidate names. You must check the box for, or write,
which party/group you wish to vote for.

If you wish to make changes to the voting slip you must obtain a voting
slip from your municipality and use this when you vote.

When the voting slip has been stamped by an election worker, you must
place it in a voting slip envelope. This will be placed in a containing
envelope - this is placed in the ballot box.

Your vote will then be sent to Moss municipality for counting.