Grant recipients

For the Parliamentary and Sami Parliamentary Elections 2021, we have provided support for initiatives such as easy-to-read web solutions, social media campaigns, information initiatives targeted at people in prison, and TV programmes and election guides.


The initiatives should reach voters who are not easily reached through ordinary information channels or voters who require specially adapted information.

The goal of the grant scheme is to:

  • improve voters' knowledge about parliamentary elections and Sami parliament elections
  • increase election turnover
  • support measures targeted at groups of voters with low levels of participation, such as young voters, voters with immigrant backgrounds, and voters that require special information.

Some 56 applications for grants totalling around NOK 21.4 million were received. The funds available for grants was around NOK 5.5 million. The grants were distributed to the priority groups as follows:

Initiatives that received grants:

Osberget AS: Project involving a democratisation programme that asks, 'Why did you come to Norway?' The programme is designed to teach voters with immigrant backgrounds about elections and raise their awareness of why it is important that they use their right to vote. A website optimised for tablets and mobile phones is being designed to let the target group experience difference locations around the country so that they can learn more about the values that make them appreciate living in Norway.

Grant: NOK 150,000

Nordic screens AS: The 'Ta Valget 2021' campaign is a broad-based campaign on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok involving fun, informative, and inspiring videos about the parties and parliamentary election. The goals are to get first and second-time voters to use their right to vote and, not least, raise awareness of the option to vote in advance.

Grant: NOK 476,000

Stiftelsen Døves Media: The foundation produces election broadcasts in sign language for people with a hearing impairment. Typical topics for election broadcasts include the electoral system, the parties, the election campaign, the issues, the profiles, and the conflicts. We will interview deaf politicians, hearing politicians, debate issues, and explain contexts.

Grant: NOK 55,000

Stiftelsen Klar Tale: The foundation will publish special newspaper editions (paper, CD, online PDF, and online podcasts) about the Election 2021 specially designed for young people with reading and language difficulties.

Grant: NOK 200,000

The Norwegian Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities: Will further develop the online resource with abundant information about the parliamentary election and Sami parliamentary election, and supplement and update the information about political parties and party manifestos. The content will be universally designed, easy-to-read, interpreted into sign language, and use symbol supported text.

Grant: NOK 350,000

Funksjonshemmedes Fellesorganisasjon Vestland: Will conduct and stream a panel debate covering topics of importance for people with disabilities. They will also produce campaign videos about the election and receive support for stands in connection with the election.

Grant: NOK 100,000

MiRA Centre for Immigrant and Refugee Women: The information campaign 'Use your vote – make a difference!' is targeted at older and younger with immigrant and refugee backgrounds. The initiative consists of training 'voting friends' who will encourage other women with immigrant and refugee backgrounds to use their right to vote, mobilisation, and dialogue meetings, as well as information campaigns in social media.

Grant: NOK 400,000

Foreningen Røverhuset: Information work targeting people in prison and former convicts about who can vote, how to vote, the parties standing for election, and why they should use their right to vote. The information will be disseminated through multilingual information films and radio adverts, meetings between prisoners and politicians 'on the inside', social studies workshops, and written information about the election. All of the information work and materials will be developed and produced by prisoners.

Grant: NOK 350,000

Be-ni Forlag: 'Help – who should decide?' an easy-to-read booklet about the election for multiple groups of people with intellectual disabilities.

Grant: NOK 30,000

NorSom News: Will produce and distribute multiple videos in Somali that cover the history of democracy in Norway, information about the electoral process, and the parties, as well as practical information about how to vote.

Grant: NOK 250,000

Splay One: Campaign on YouTube where influencers show the consequences of letting others decide for you by taking over other influencers' accounts.

Grant: NOK 800,000

Alvim Velforening: Will carry out information work in the district with the lowest voter turnover in Norway. The initiatives include an event at Alvim Days and the dissemination of information in the district.

Grant: NOK 105,000

Kultura: Will produce a series of video podcasts in the lead up to the election in which presenters with intellectual disabilities present local politicians, carry out interviews, and provide listeners with information about each party's manifesto.

Grant: NOK 180,000

Minhaj Dialogforum: Will arrange two debates in Stovner and produce podcasts with politicians with immigrant backgrounds and immigrants with influence in the community. These will be disseminated via special Facebook pages and the applicant's partners. The applicant also wants to produce an information video about the importance of democratic participation through elections.

Grant: NOK 60,000

Stas Artist AS: Series of short films produced by Stas Artist AS and the film company Panbdore Film AS. The main objective is to get more voters to use their right to vote in the parliamentary election in 2021.

Grant: NOK 320,000

Brusjan AS: An audiovisual series of six episodes that will be published on YLTV (the Nordic region's largest YouTube channel for urban music from Scandinavia), although there will also be clips in editorial content online and in social media. The series will allow a group of young voters with immigrant backgrounds to explore topics they are passionate about and that are important to young people with immigrant backgrounds in Norway. They will interview all sides, looks at the numbers and data, and discuss their way to conclusions.

Grant: NOK 700,000

Magnus Rye: Video podcast in nine episodes in which the party leaders of the largest parties are interviewed on young people's terms for YouTube, Instagram-TV, Facebook, and podcasts, as well as an election watch event on election day, 13 September 2021.

Grant: NOK 700,000