For the press

All media enquiries to the directorate must be made via the media line or email.


Contact information for the media

Media line: +47 33 50 79 40


The media line is staffed between 09:00-15:00.

For other enquiries: +47 33 41 29 40

Public service announcements are published in the newspapers listed by Difi for government adverts.

Logging media enquiries

Media enquiries to the Norwegian Directorate of Elections are logged in the CIM computer system. We log the date, medium, first name and last name of the journalist, telephone number, email address, what the enquiry was about, and any email exchanges.

The information is used for internal purposes only in the Communications Department, and none of the information is disclosed to third parties.

If you do not wish your contact information and enquiry to be logged, or if you want information held to be deleted, you can contact the media contact.

Access to EVA

The Norwegian Directorate of Elections has agreements with a number of media organisations that provide access to EVA and allow them to publish election results on their own platforms. The deadline for signing such an agreement is by the end of February in the election year.

Photos for media use

You can find a selection of photos and illustrations here.

The 'Valg' logo

Use of the logo must comply with the rules for the use of the national coat of arms as laid down by Royal Decree.

The 'Valg' logo is available here.