System documentation and source code

Are you wondering how the electronic election administration system EVA is built up?


EVA Admin is the main support system for conducting elections for municipalities and county authorities. All of the source data required to conduct elections in Norway are registered in this system. This includes parties' list proposals and the electoral register. Votes and vote counts are also registered here. EVA Skanning is an application that manages the machine counting of ballot papers. The final application is EVA Resultat, which prepares election results as it receives them from EVA Admin. It is this application that provides the basis for the information shown on and the media in Norway as the votes are counted.

What is system documentation?

The system documentation is designed to provide a general description of the IT system from a functional and technical perspective. The document does not provide an exhaustive description of the IT system and is conceptual in nature. Concepts and principles provide the basis for source code and configuration, which are the main documentation of the system at a detail technical level. The primary target group is stakeholders with a good understanding of IT.

Detailed descriptions of the electoral process are provided in the election official portal, with process and procedure descriptions, as well as schematic presentations of the process. The system documentation for the various applications will be published as PDFs.

What is source code?

Source code consists of a series of instructions in a high-level language, for example Java, that show in detail what and how an application performs the operations for which the application is used.

Source code provides an insight into how the applications are built up and function at a detailed level. Some parts of the source code below concerning security mechanisms in the solution are exempt from publication for security reasons.